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Much like TV show characters, bubblegum flavours and the Spice Girls, there is one out there designed to fit you best. If you can excuse the double metaphor, that’s how I feel about fashion. Besides just clever marketing, this happens because we all identify with fashion and entertainment differently. We are naturally narcissistic and gravitate towards that which mirrors us best, or we go in the other direction and choose something that we want to be. So it means that yes, I can be a Carrie and Bear Grylls at the same time. The fashion world works in much the same way, or perhaps it should. You have designers from various parts of the world who grew up entirely different to each other, attended different fashion or art schools taught by different teachers and all of this influences the outcome of their designs. We as consumers, or those who are for now merely emulating their favourite fashion, seek out the elements that best suit our personalities. While I am all for self-expression, it has been my belief over the dawn of the hipster age that some of these folks are trying too hard. Cramming as many slices of fashion pie into a look as you can is not making a statement in its truer sense; it’s just making a really loud noise so people look at you.

The way I see it, your personal style should be like an expensive pair of Italian boots. You immediately want them but your credit card is looking at you like, ‘do you know how much you get paid?’ You get them anyway of course, they’re classic and modern at the same time, made from gen’yin leather and unless you start buying quality items now you’re never going to get the adult wardrobe you’ve always wanted! No, I say personal style because the boots themselves are made to age, to soften, even mold to fit your foot perfectly, plus they go with just about everything you own. Aligning yourself with that metaphor is how I view fashion, and for the most part how I will approach my tenure here at Gaschette. I represent the style-conscious man who is conscious enough to know he needs to stay away from tucking his jeans into his boots. I am the classicist, that reliable stick of spearmint gum in your blazer pocket and your friend in fashion (whoops, wrong website).

I decided to join this fine online establishment for a few reasons, yes these editors are indeed my good friends and it’s always open-bar here, but like all good clubs there is a greater purpose. Gaschette promotes creative partnering, the freedom of expression, safe housing for outcast fashion children looking a place in this world and all without judgment. This is a new era and I have a feeling that these kids are just the guides you need.

In the words of Barney Stintson, gentlemen, it’s time to suit up. You coming?



Marco Riekstins is the man behind the popular menswear website Man of the Cloth and the Gaschette Magazine Menswear Editor.

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According to Jerri

The streets of South Africa are ever changing, ever draining and ever inspiring. There is always a new face, a new trend movement and always a new catch phrase. It is all so hard to keep up but a gurl has got to bring A+ game to the streets all the time in order to sustain. Thou shall not be caught unprepared; your style game is only as credible as your last instagram entry or street style blog post.

These images will give you a filtered yet realistic version of a typical cosmopolitan being on the streets of Johannesburg city. How she or he dresses and carries themselves around the block. Imagery captured by a Johannesburg resident to share with the rest of the world.

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (1)

Loose fits are the rave this season. Tunics and sports dresses take centre stage as the notorious frekum-bandage-dresses get a ferocious boot away. Yes, you can perfectly style a tunic for night out. Make it strong yet playful, girly and flirty by showing some skin. (Sarah Langa)

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (11)

Wear African prints without looking like Africa vomited all over your body. Best way to do this is to introduce other fabrics for texture and contrast purposes. (Iman Mkwanazi)

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (12)

Embrace sports luxe, learn to pull off monochrome looks and add accents should things get a little too dull with one hue. (Sumaya Petersen)

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (2)

Once in a while just say; FUCK IT and DO YOU and DO BEST! Perspex is here; try to think how you will be incorporating it in to your looks. Pulling off Perspex shoes in summer? Now that is dedication to fast fashion and trends.

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (4)

Midi, Tea Length, pleats, high contrast primary colours, statement heels and frames. You will never get it wrong with any of the combination – unless you’re really clueless. (Kelly Fung)

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (13)

Forget everything they told you about brown leather and black leather in one look not being complementary because judging by Raya Rossi’s styling they lied. Sometimes you wonder how can one pull off, sharp cat eye metallic frames, polka dots, tapestry, brown leather satchel and black leather Balenciaga-esque leather booties #ShitBloggersWear. It all sound too much but looks ABS FAB! (Raya Rossi)

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (7)

She is a picture perfect display of a lifestyle trend that will be prominent in late 2014 and carry on towards 2015. It is called Guilt Free Conspicuous Consumption, forget modesty because there will be no room for modesty when we fully clad in our exquisite high end heavily branded ‘IT items’ for the world to envy us.

Jerri Mokgofe Photography (8)

Denim, Afrique prints and running shoes for the pain? (Dylan Lloyd)

Jerri Mokgofe is a stylist, blogger and the Street Style editor for Gaschette Magazine.

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Eternal Youth

Fashion is kinda about fun, right? Well, we think so anyway. This month we’re throwing off our Anna Wintour façade in favour of something silly. Let’s get goofy.

Jelly Shoes

Yeah, your feet get a little shvitzy up in there but what the hell! They’re squishy, sparkly and trendy – for the next five minutes that is. These throwback gems even sparked up a Twitter war between Rita Ora and Azealia Banks ( fans over who wore them first.  God knows we love a little fashion controversy.


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Nothing takes you back to pre-Y2K times like trippy hologrammed fabrics.  We want them on shoes, skirts and tops, immediately! And then some on nails and bags and jackets. In fact, just hologram your whole closet.  This trend is even making its way into art ( and architecture ( which suggests a certain longevity.


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From flatforms to athletic runners, sneakers are the latest must-have shoe. If you’re feeling a little cray you could even get away with a sneaker wedge – but probably not because they are muchos gross #justsaying #hatersgonnahate


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The Peplum

Just kidding. Don’t ever wear a peplum because if you do, you can’t sit with us. Want to look slimmer? Wear a waisted belt instead – like Hermes did for almost absolutely every look for Spring 2014. You can also wear absolutely anything from Hermes Spring 2014 because it is simply perfect.

Hermes-Womenswear-Spring-Summer-2014-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-Glamour-Boys-Inc 001

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Denim Pinafores

Sure, we’ll look back on this trend with a disdain reserved for truly heinous fads but for now rock it with a cropped Tee and plenty of bling.


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Cropped Tees

On that note, let’s chuck this one into the mix. If you wear it the wrong way your kids will be judging you for looking slutty in your youth. Team it with a printed maxi or shimmering pencil skirt for a more lady-like look.


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Things are about to get fruity up in here. Welcome to the future when your face also needs a swimming cap. The ‘face-kini’ is everything-that-is-hot-right-now in China. Swimmers are donning swimming masks that offer them full UV protection. In a world where cancer-risk levels are scary, the face-kini might be here for keeps.


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Jess Lupton is a freelance stylist and Gaschette Magazine’s Fashion Director.

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Your weekly shopping guide

Nothing says eternal youth more than timeless pieces. We’ve put together a handy guide of some of the things you need to build a beautiful basic wardrobe.

1. The Blazer

Stylish, timeless and unisex

1. R699.95

MANGO R699.95

R 169.95




2. Skinny Jeans

Once a fad item, slim fit jeans now form a very important part of any wardrobe







3. Sneakers aren’t just for athletes and thugs anymore – they are about living your best life.