"See you later Honey, I’m still at The Office"

Escaping the office for a drink and chill-down session after a hard days work would be considered rare…Where would you go? The office-bar? …Indeed!

The Office, located in Greenside, is brainchild of inspirational space creators Martin and Tom of the Attic restaurant concept. The Office was inspired by the idea of a venue for their regular and new customers who want to indulge in delicious cocktails, decadent wine and a nibble on delicious Tapas in sophisticated setting, minus the buzz of a restaurant.

Equipped with a “boardroom” cordoned-off by a glass door, and interior decor boasting vintage telephones and type-writers, the venue offers stylish and modern design aesthetics. One could literally consider the venue an extension extracted from a fancy corporate firm. What’s different? “The efficient and immaculate service standards, the food and the cocktails,” explains the manager, Joe.

It’s become a local catch-up session and evening drink-spot to many from the fashion, music and art industry, and slowly increasing with some cool corporate ( I never quite thought they would be so entertaining and stylish).

The cocktails are to die for and certainly the perfect way to let your hair down or sip away, looking fabulous, amid conversations. The music is old school and indie, which I find so comforting opposed to some pop teen screaming high pitched squeaks while I’m trying to have a conversation; mind you, after a few drinks one does crave the sound of tunes, so you’re allowed to sway and grove to the jams, it’s part of the vibe as the venue is without a dance floor. Joe says “it’s not what we want to offer – a club. We’re a cosy and chic bar offering great tasting Tapas and cocktails. Our focus is on quality, innovative cocktails and ensuring our customers have a good time”

Whether you’re in the mood for pre-drinks with friends on a night out, or just looking for a stylish venue to socialise, or a quick drink after a day’s works, The Office offers you cocktails that will transport your mind (after your 2nd one) into a island vibe – my favourite is the amazing jelly fish to nibble on as you enjoy a fish bowl – and Tapas so delicious you’ve forgotten you’ve ordered a third round.

No need to carry your note pad or diary, and forget about your presentation skills, the only thing you need is your drinking skills.



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