Magic at Malva

The Malva opening night was a red carpet affair filled with bassy acoustic music (delivered by the ever-excellent Rocketeers) and delicious couture. Walls covered in Tretchikoff inspired prints and rails lined up with fabulous creations from fashion’s Nouveau Elite lined the interior coupled with beautifully restored and redefined antiques finishing off the eclectic feel of Jo’burg’s new art center.


Guests were dressed in everything from thrift store finds to Chanel heels, as designers, artists and actors swamped to be among the first to experience the Malva difference. No champagne for these socialites – rather shots of Pravda vodka poured out of bejeweled bottles to ward off the cold. And to wash it down? The notable partner of all things cool and happening right now, Vitamin Water.

What is this Malva you say? Lauren Wallet, the brainchild behind the creation of the concept space describes it as a store that showcases creative talent. “Imagine walking through the pages of your favourite magazine and enjoying fashion, household design and novelties.”

Read more about Malva here:


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