Magic at Midnight with David Tlale

David Tlale astounded fans and critics alike at his Africa Fashion Week show.  This blogger was covered in goose bumps and it seemed most of the front row were taken over by tears as we witnessed a production masterpiece.
Tlale is a master of the dramtic and the air was thick with anticipation as guests sat entranced as a giant clock ticked down the seconds to midnight. As a large dagger dropped down the wall a sizeable screen was lifted to reveal a live orchestra, met with an astounding round of applause. 
The colour palette was introduced by a fresh rush of soft pleated pinks, followed by rose pastels and soft oranges. Drama was added through subtle florals and sparkling green gem tones.  And finally elegant black and white evening gowns and extraordinary  bridal dresses.

The collection was filled with wonderful attention to silhouette with ruffled fabrics and glamorous dip dyes accompanied large shoulders and full skirts. Fabulous design details were seen such as shawl necklines, fringing and delicious printed fabrics.

As expected ,the garments were accompanied by decadent shoes that one can only hope are part of a new Luella collaboration. Shocking pinks, shining purples and leopard print stilettos were mixed with floral platform heels and patent ankle boots.
A small part of the collection focused on the male fashionista, with stunning cropped charcoal shorts, floral print and chocolate skinny legged trousers and well formed slim fitting suit jackets.
Bravo David, we eagerly wait in anticipation for your next collection.

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