Fashion and Design

2010/2011 trends….
Fashion and Design

My world of fashion is derived from my quirky, vivacious and dynamic personality, which results in an abundance of energy and creativity in my work. A large amount of my ideas are drawn from the passion and inspiration of others, however abstract, worldly elements are also incredibly enlightening.
Line, graphic shapes, bolds elements, all very influential factors in my approach to design and what my eye is attracted to when visually experiencing industrial, interior and fashion design. This you will be able to recognize in my clothing, under the label LDP for Gaschette.
Taking into account, our surroundings continually changing and evolving, myself and Business Partner Jessica Luption, use this to inspire us and use this inspiration to our advantage trough our Conceptual Fashion Production Company Gaschette,  where we use this constant change to create new and edgy concepts for our ever growing client base. From fashion shoots and show production to all types of fashion events, we are persistent in our approach to create current and relevant top quality work in everything we take on as a creative team.
What is in the not so distant future in terms of trends this Spring/Summer 2010/2011.
The 70’s are back in a big way, from hobo chic to a vivacious rush of color and celebration of youth. I cannot emphasize the importance of keeping the inner child inside alive and influencing our thoughts in today’s times, ESPECIALLY those of us who are creatively inclined. Youth is such an important part in our lives, it facilitates wonderfully imaginative thoughts and a larger than life approach, and one must never lose the influence of your inner child.
 An explosion of extremes, rock chic and theatrical is on the loom, of which THEATRICAL makes me very happy! I am rather theatrical in my design, but keeping within the constraints of CLASSIC shapes and lines that will not give away too much if my clothes are seen in photos years from now or kept in wardrobes for many years to come. I believe in fashion as an artwork, always have, it is in the way it becomes such a part of me and my life that I focus entirely on one thing at a time, till it is a work of art and a theatrical masterpiece, still being able to be worn in today’s times, by some one even slightly inclined to ‘The Not Norm.’ if you get what I am saying. I think that it is such a waste that such beautiful creations, works of art, can be tossed after 6 months for being IRRELEVANT. I firmly disagree, and work away from that perception as often as I can!
HEAD WEAR is a big thing for me too, hats, alice-bands, large clips… all pertaining to have some sort of over the top element, whether it be an origami swan born from the stiffest paper taffeta, to a collaboration of twirls and twists in fabric coated moldable wire, or a simple graphic Perspex protrusion inspired by a crystallized salt rock, all presented in a neat little creation perched just off center.
Loves Lauren 
1 half Gaschette Girls…..

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