You Heard It Here First!

Remember our little soccer inspired show at the beginning of the year? Well one of our fabulous featured designers, Kutloano Molokomme, is currently a finalist in SA Fashion Week’s Elle New Young Talent Competition!

Kutloano’s collection (inspired by art, music and photography) promises to be a delicious feast for the senses with reworked African themes meeting modern silhouettes. Love the beaded and woven shoulder pads features on his “sneak peak” dress at the Elle New Young Talent cocktail party tonight! 


The very lovely Cleo Droomer whose stunning mint green voluminous patent jacket had everyone drooling! (Think tasteful 80’s meets Gaga). We managed to dig up a small style feature on him (yes, we’re stalking him, but only a little!)

Cleo Droomer

Oriel Barbard’s label Lisp is completely amazing! I love the description of the collection:

“Lisp is about living out Rock and Roll. It’s about a drunken ‘school’ night, it’s about having your favorite song stuck in your head for the whole day, about washing your hair over the sink while only wearing heels and about looking and feeling like royalty no matter what you do.”

See more of this fabulous designer HERE

That’s it kids! Stay tuned for more fashion week updates, we’ll be blogging it up every day from the fashion front line!


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