Elle New Talent Winner.

Front row seats at fashion week presented us with many faces and fashion graces.

With an array of different fashion genres, it is a dimly lit color infused wear house of magic and inspiration. Waiting in anticipation for the Elle New Talent Show which is about to start…. We sit on the edge of our seats and await the true fireworks to begin. There is a hum in the air, generated by the buzzing and chattering of stylists and jurnos to inspiring artists and established designers.

Cleo Droomer, the name on everyone’s’ lips. Pure brilliance in the form of a young 20 something from Cape Town.

Immediately the phrase “Ethnic Romantic Glam” pops into mind.

Each item is a combination of various fabrics each with the same print. From chiffon to trilobal, and patent mint green PVC. With the perfection of proportion on Cleo’s side, this range flows perfectly from the very first garment to the very last.

We caught up with Cleo at the Elle New Talent Showroom at Malva the morning following the show and discovered that he is such a gentle, humble soul with a true passion for high quality fashion. He considers himself more of an artist than a designer, with the ability and confidence to express himself in the form of fashion design.

This is most definitely a young man to keep your eyes out for. He is going places, for sure.

We just wish it was in our direction, but unfortunately he is based in
Cape Town, which is just a little to far for our fingertips at this stage…but please, do watch this space. We are working on shortening the distance considerably.



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