Gaschette’s Suitcase

Happy end of year Gaschettians!

Time to whip out your favourite swimsuit and (pretend to) get a tan!

We’ve decided to pop in and give you a peek of what we’re packing in our suitcases!

SUNBLOCK! Yes I know, I am Lilly white! And that is out of choice – sun aged skin is never in vogue! Even if you’re not going to be lying on the beach, apply a sparkly SPF to guard your skin while you are indulging in major retail therapy along the Long Street Strip.

THE SUNHAT J-lo style, I know you know what we are talking about! Wide rimmed and preferably with hormone hunger control so you don’t pack on those holiday kilos!

YOUR SUMMER TUNES We”ll be taking our favourite retro hits on our road trip but if
you are still searching for your Perfect Summer Album take a listen to Jamiroquai Rock Dust Light Star, Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown and Goldfish Get Busy Living. And for our homosexually-orientated-boyfriends word is on the blogspots that P!nks Greatest Hits…So Far! is what you are going to be swaying to.

THE MAXI DRESS perfect for the beach or sea side gourmet restaurant and we love how your lumps and bumps magically disappear!

THE SCENT Tom Ford White Patchouli is perfection. Light weight with the soft scent patchouli, it smells like summer without a sweet, sickening undertone.

See you in 2011 our fabulous readers!

Gaschette over-and-out!


2 thoughts on “Gaschette’s Suitcase

  1. BlueAngel says:

    You got that right, P!nk is what we'll be rocking to. Happy holiday-ing Gaschettians!

  2. Jolly Bean says:

    What a summer vibe! so excited for the break and looking forward to 2011 with all you Gaschette hungry fans!Much Lovexxx

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