Summer Essentials: Versatility is a Must

When are airlines going to get a clue? The ridiculous rule that a fashionista can only take 20kgs of her finest fashion looks on a plane! It’s enough to make any girl break into a cold sweat when packing her suitcase!
So in the spirit of improvisation, we have 3 of Summer’s must haves that you can take from the beach to the cocktail bar with a bit of creative flair.
High waisted shorts:  worn during the day with sandals and a retro tee or at night with heels and a blouse for a more sophisticated look. 

The Floral Dress: A firm favourite for this summer! It’s perfect for the beach, summer time picnic or lunch. Keep it sexy and fun.

As for accessories… a satchel bag is the most versatile item on the planet! Make sure it’s leather!

Happy Summer Days Gaschettians!

Much Love
The Gaschette Girls

A big thank you to Dani Laity for her contribution to this piece!


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