Photo Hell

Since we started this blog as a way to give our Gaschettians a glance into our lives, I decided to go off the track of the usual blog post. Welcome to reality.

There is surely very few things on the earth more terrifying than the ID photo. The ghastly face stretch, blotchy looking skin and lighting that would make anyone look like a convict.

I was recently too caught up in my holiday adventures to have a normally functioning brain and I managed to misplace my drivers license. To the average person the thought of the queue at the Traffic Department is a worry, but to the Gaschette Girl it is the dreaded drivers license photo the creates real panic.In the spirit of positivity I decided to turn this unfortunate event into an opportunity. The chance to have a très chic photo on my dreaded license card. Surely then it would be worth all the trouble?

Off I trooped to my favourite governmental documentation photographer. I was prepped and preened and gave a dazzling smile as the digital camera clicked away. I had finally acheived ID perfection – a great blow wave, near perfect make up and just the right amount of tan to create the right amount of contrast in my black and white photo.

Success!.. Or not. They always find a way to ruin your fun.

After a two hour wait in a queue in a hot and squashed government office, my makeup had evapoured and the hair frizz began to set in. Finally time for my eye test. But wait there’s a little surprise for you after all the flashing lights! A photo taken by a grumpy man with a web cam. I thought I’d make the most of it. Dazzling smile one – FAIL! Dazzling smile number two – FAIL! Jessica pursing her lips in irritation and showing off her double chin – SUCCESS! Snip snip, print print!

Touché to the powers that be for granting me with yet another horrid photo that I need to hide for the next five years!

Much Love
A Grumpy Gaschette Girl


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