We have decided to limit Gaschette Lookbook look of the day to a look a week due to some external opinions. We want to bring you things you like…. so we will not be removing it completely….. just holding back a bit for a taste a week…

But for today’s post, is exactly that… a post… with actual writing… I know I prefer visual blogs, but some of you out there like a bit of humor-intellect every now and again…. and I am all about that….

Except for the fact I have NOTHING to insert in the next couple of lines but HARD COLD REALITY…

fashion week
fashion week
fashion week
fashion week

It is consuming our every thought, talent, brain wave, breath, dream….. you get where I am going with this.

BUT, there is always a but……… It is one of the most heart wrenching, exciting, inspiring shows to be involved in.

And we are involved as a TEAM…

Production and Design…. What a winner.

So, here is to 3 more weeks of madness, tears, laughter and pinning ones self to death… by mistake I SWEAR!

The show is on the 18th of Feb @ 19:15 in the Bus Station No:3 President Street Newtown.
Hope to see all you Gaschettians there!!


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