Sanesh says "Dark and fabulous. I never thought I’d want tattoos, veils and rubber so badly!"

 On Wednesday night, 19 January 2011, during Paris Fashion Week we witnessed the rebirth of fashion label Thierry Mugler. Not only because the new creative director Nicole Formichetti debuted his first collection for the label, but as of today the label is called just ‘Mugler’.
Amid the Goth-tinged looks in creative director  Formichetti’s lineup, some bright blues and oranges were also in evidence. And while musical director Lady Gaga was not present (to the dismay of fans), stylist Catherine Baba and Michele Lamy were among those who turned up, and Gaga premiered a new song from her upcoming album “Born This Way” on the show’s soundtrack.
This was Nicola Formichetti’s debut collection for Mugler, while Formichetti has been responsible for many of Lady Gaga’s looks as her stylist. Of course everyone was hoping the Gaga would turn up herself, but she was nowhere to be found.
It is reported that Gaga said: “I love him, my friend the genius, my collaborator, more than any piece of clothing or closet I possess. But don’t tell him I said that, he’ll die,” Gaga said. See the runway video, complete with Gaga soundtrack, below. 

The show was full of daring menswear; extremely wide and padded trousers, long (sometimes belted) jackets and tops revealing the mens’ bellies. Not to mention all the latex and the extreme tattoos, masks and dramatic tattoo inspired make-up.

Shades of blue, black and olive green passed by as well as a bright orange colour.  Towards the end of the show the models wore sheer veils and plastic over their heads. 
Sexy. Dark. Trend Forward.
Now let’s hope Formichetti will be as successful at Mugler as he was with Gaga and the label is back in business!
A big thank you to retired fashionista Sanesh Maharaj for this contribution!

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