Fastrack Day at Joburg Fashion Week

The madness of Fashion Week has encapsulated everyone on the Gaschette Team!

The week kicked off with the Fastrack day – dedicated to catapulting the careers of young designers and fashion show producers.

Jessica Lupton was at the reigns of the Gaschette Fashion Week team for the second show of the evening featuring Pride Nkosi, Sunette Scheepers, Lebogang Moatshe and Jessica Sutherland.

The show kicked off with Pride Nkosi’s range, “My collection was inspired by The Cathedrals; their interiors, the way they are built, their richly decorated walls and ceilings.” The pieces focused on stunning detailing created with beautiful panel lines and piping detail. Accessories were provided by Cocoa Moon, you can find more of their beautiful creations here

Sunette Scheepers takes her creative queues for Vivienne Westwood. Her new take on active wear focused on fit, flattering the body in a beautiful way.

Lebogang Moatshe is one of the very brave young designers bold enough to take on menswear. Watch out for this very talented vegan – he will soon be featured on local lifestyle show Ses’khona and has been asked to dress a couple of TV personalitites. 

The sensational Jessica Sutherland created a stir with her brilliant and innovative collection. Her inspiration came from the merging of fashion and technology, with items that transform into various pieces- an unzipped skirt changes into a jacket, a dress into a coat.

Loving the Luella shoes!

Read one of her many rave reviews HERE

See you at the Avant show this Friday 20h00


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