Nothing in South African fashion compares to the excitement you feel just before a Suzaan Heyns show. The anticipation in the air as the audience waits to see the newest offering from one of our country’s greatest designers. No theatrics needed, just stunning garments
This year Suzaan passed our expectations, and the theatrics were there in abundance, with Deon Redman in the production driver’s seat. We were all transported to the front row at Paris Fashion Week in an instant.
The show opened with a beautiful short film directed by the very talented Jeana Theron (see more of her work HERE) with a garment on a model being dissected in a mortuary. The show opened with a blast of chilling music and a model inside of an incubator.
Layering was the name of the game as our eyes feasted on leather and wool garments inspired by the human anatomy; Leather cut outs resembling the ribcage, coats shaped after the hip-bone, flesh like fabrics and the spine re-interpreted into plaited fabric finishes. 

Look out for Suzaan’s first store- opening across the road from Melville’s inspirational hub, the Bamboo canter.

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