Virgin Homicides By Ville Varumo.

Love at first sight is what we have to say about Ville Varumo.

Varumo is definitely one of the most inspirational young Photographers we have stumbled across while searching the net for inspiration and blogger content!VOILA! Here he comes in the form of the Virgin Homicides, the first editorial we found from this majestic talent.

These images are stunning, simplistic with a classic edge which I absolutely adore. The HAIR is magnificent!

Ville is for sure a talent to watch, as his style is uncomplicated and classic – I love the treatment he uses in his work.

A glorious combination of hair, make up and styling, alongside amazing photography, makes for über amazing blog posts and images that linger in your mind.

Photography: Ville Varumo
Styling: Heidi Marika Urpalainen
Hair & Makeup: Marii Sadrak
Models: Saara & Teresa

View his online portfolio HERE
Or on Behance at



Gaschette Girls


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