SA Fashion Weak

I found SA Fashion Week to be rather underwhelming, but perhaps that’s just my cynicism creeping in. There weren’t any showstoppers but very wearable, very sellable, garments.

It seems fashion is becoming a little more practical about the business and actuality of the industry. It isn’t about creating elaborate jaw droppers that are incredibly impractical to reproduce, but rather indentifying with the customer and presenting them with items they can purchase right off of the ramp.

Of course I am just speaking about the majority; there are always little linings of delight in the darkest of clouds.
Black Coffee
Intelligent pattern design set Jacques van der Watt apart from his peers with a “modular system of interlocking laser-cut garments”. Geometric cut fabric fitted together like interchangeable puzzled pieces.  Models posed like robotic mannequins adorned with misshapen gold and black afros with “connectagon” shaped combs.  Colours of unripe citrus yellow, black, grey and off white were teamed with Melissa Shoes to create a pattern construction buff’s fantasy collection. 


Lunar departed from the usual earth friendly silhouette towards beautiful and delicate garments. One forgot about the eco-friendly angle and just thought about what shoes to pair that dress with. My favourites were the dip dyed purple maxi and the fitted jumpsuit. 
Designers really found their groove this year when it came to incorporating items created by crafters in the DAC collaborating project. Normally these crafted items ma feel disjointed but Vesselina successfully made the stunning crochet part of her Frida Kahlo inspired collection. 
Designer Ephraim Molingoane has really come in to his own. He presented a beautiful collection of tailored resort wear with a playful sporty edge. While the collection reminded us of Tommy Hilfiger, Ephymol presented the nautical theme in a clever way. White shirts with red piping, sailor inspirited short ties and fantastic tailored shorts that should be on every mans’ to buy list

Clive Rundle
As Dion Chang Tweeted “A Clive Rundle show is always an alien adventure…but always a pleasant one”. I couldn’t of put it better. 


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