For The Cape Town Fans

Dear Me is a new all-day brasserie, deli and event space in the CBD. The new space opened on 21 March to the delight of  many CT locals. I’m personally intrigued to see the third floor that has been described to me as ” the tjing tjing bar upstairs has a very asian pop culture harajuku vibe to it.”

Sounds fabulous!

Afraid of Mice is the creation of two sisters who found it difficult to get really great vintage stuff in SA. These ladies wanted to get rid of the stigma that vintage is dusty and gross and that you have to sort through rubbish to get gems. They’re objective is to do the hard work for you and bring the good stuff to their shop. Items are sourced from the USA and Europe and you can expect to find labels like Chanel, Prada, marc jacobs, Oscar de la Renta and ferragamo. Heaven is here!

Oh and LOVE their blog!

Thank you Dani Laity for finding the best of Cape Town for us! x


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