Fashion’s New Kids on the Block

The up and coming stars of the fashion world give Gaschette a peek in to what makes them shine

The Fashion Journalist

Picture by Cameron McDonald
Jerusha Sukhdeo is Fairlady’s face of the social network world. Her blog This Red Lipstick  is a firm favourite amongst blog addicts
“It’s amazing to go to work every day and know my job is to trawl the internet and find inspiration. I love what I do. I have serious FOMO and love knowing what’s happening and what people are thinking; so it’s great that a big part of my job is to be a nosy parker.”

My current obsession is being alone. I know it sounds utterly ridiculous, but it’s true. I’ve really enjoyed my own company. Andthose cheapo yellow/green looking lipsticks that magically turn your lips a crazy shade of red – a red that doesn’t wash off

What inspires you? I realise this sounds like a terrible cliché, but I feel really inspired by ordinary people. I’m so over big egos and mean girls. There are far too many I’m-so-superior-to-everyone-else type of people who get so much more attention than is necessary. Single moms raising kids who go on to achieve amazing things; people who are effortlessly chic in wardrobes made from Jet and Mr Price clothing; the dishevelled flower seller on the street corner whose political opinions are really spot-on – those are the people who, I think, should be celebrated too.
What are you listening to right now? What is This is embarrassing to admit but my playlist at the moment is a mix of terrible (but actually awesome) 80s music. I’ve been living off a playlist of Depeche Mode and Dead or Alive for a while now – it’s just so much fun!
In five years’ time I’d love to be an established figure in online journalism and social media trends. The online sphere allows us to tell stories in a way we’ve never been able to before; I love being a part of that.

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