Bowties and Bob

It was on a rainy 1 December that my partner in crime (the ever divine Sanesh Maharaj) and I put on our bowties and embarked on the first of many adventures for the Jozi Bucket List 2011.
Our first stop was Maropeng’s Market on Main for their final night market for the year.  Our highlight was the delectable Jozi Bagels. A real bagel is something of an under-rated art and I don’t think I could ever eat a bagel made anywhere else ever again. An incredibly fresh roll with the perfect combination of fillings created a delectable dinner.  We also sampled Punch and Judy’s cocktail stand. I’m still not sure if I loved or hated their pink punch (it has a bit of a weird spicy twist at the end) but please stop by their stand and let us know what you think. The Christmas shopping was a bit shy of the expected standard but we still have plenty of time (and places to see) to get that done.

The Place previously Known as Bob Rocks did not make it on to the original list but it is definitely a worthy addition. An eclectic mix of people, obscure art collection and the only place in Jozi you’ll hear a DJ spinning Gold Panda for the dance floor. Razzle Dazzle!

Join us for our next expedition as we take over Braamfontein tomorrow as part of our Market Week. If you haven’t been to Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg in braamies yet then you’re missing out! Meet us on Juta Street at 10.30 for some shopping fun. While we’re there we can pop by AWARE, an awesome CD and Vinyl shop, and visit Kitcheners for a beer. DRESS CODE IS HATS.


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