Soweto Poppis

My dear friend, Sarah Pons, is hosting a great event for the brilliant Shweshwe Poppis cause this Saturday. I am a big fan of these fantastic creations of art. It feels as if the makers have delved in to your childhood memories and captured your earliest creative thoughts.

Shweshwe Poppis are charming and imaginative fantasy figures based on a series of children’s drawings created by the kids at the African Children’s Feeding Scheme’s Malnutrition and Rehabilitation Creche in Zola, Soweto. Lovingly hand-sewn by women from the community and inspired by stories from South African culture, these quirky, unique and sought-after creations are providing sustainable employment, educational opportunities and a sense of pride and purpose for many deserving men, women and kids from Soweto.

The team at ShweShwe Poppis invite you to visit the birth place of this great product as well as experience Soweto for the day.

Come and see the little home of the ShweShwe Poppis, meet the team of ladies who create these peculiar personalities, and watch how they delicately craft each doll. We will be at work from 10h30am-13h00pm, Saturday 3rd March. The idea is that you arrive anytime between then, browse around, chat to the ladies, have a snack, and go when you please.

The team suggests you make the most of the day and visit some of the great sites in Soweto such as Sakhumzi Restuarant, The Mandela Family MuseumRoots Restaurant and Gallery  or Bungee jump off of Orlando Towers

Please take a look at their website for more information on the dolls and visit the Facebook event to read more about the open day and other fantastic things to do in Soweto 

All images by Waldo Pretorius

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