Inspire Me with someone that inspires you

An up and coming star of the London fashion world gives Gaschette a peek in to what makes her shine

The Jewellery Designer

Kasia Piechockais is changing the world of jewelry. A Central Saint Martin’s graduate, Kasia draws inspiration from interesting and exciting places to create beautiful artworks. Her debut collection entitled “About The Man Who Loved Fishing” was inspired by her late father who created his own baits, floats and rods and passed this knowledge on to his daughter. The result is a collection of emotive and visually stunning pieces that channel the spirit of piscation.

Fishbone chain and large weight ring

Green eye fish head ring, large weight pendant, three weight brooches and blind fish head ring

large weight ring and small weight with hook pendant

Large weight ring

What is your current obsession? My  ‘Inspire Me With Someone That Inspires You’ Campaign.

What do you love most about what you do?  the fact that I love what I do for a living! Who inspires you? People who never give up and are true to themselves.

What are you listening to right now? Metallica

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years time I hope to have my work stocked in different countries; so people all over the world can see and touch my jewellery.

“Stories of people you find interesting, encounters that have inspired or defined significant moments in your life.”

Please tell us more about your “Inspire Me with someone that inspires you” project?
I want my next collection to be based around an inspirational in somebody’s life. I thought that you or one of your readers might be the one to provide me with this inspiration. I am asking fans of my work to email me and tell me about somebody inspirational in their life. I will eventually be choosing one of these people and inviting them to collaborate with me to create my new collection. As well as having a selection of luxury jewellery based around their nominee, they will also be gifted with a piece from the new collection.

To become a part of the Inspire Me project please mail Kasia at with
“Stories of people you find interesting, encounters that have inspired or defined significant moments in your life.”

Kasia is based in London but you can view and purchase one of her beautiful pieces at or visit her flickr page to see more of her incredible work 


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