Suzaan Heyns Spring Summer 2012

Once again Suzaan Heyns blew us all away at SA Fashion Week, this time with a beautiful white and grey collection with cement accessories. Whilst the collection was more wearable than previous years, it was no less conceptual and remained true to the very essence of Suzaan’s brand.

The show opened with a campaign video starring fashion’s favourite models of the moment, twins Abby and Claire (see their debut shoot HERE)

Slim legged trousers, light shirts and tailored jackets with leather details dominated the collection with silhouette lines that were seemingly strongly middle eastern in origin.

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With PPC as a sponsor, Suzaan needed to transform the building material into something wearable. Heyns sites scultpter Kvin Francis Grey as her main inspiration for the collection, his work typified by the juxtaposition of “where it looks like liquid but it’s solid and it looks soft but it’s hard.” The three forms of cement (powder, liquid, solid) as well as the change in colour in all three stages were used as the basis for the creation of the collection.

Watch the full show HERE


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