Sabine: Leather and Mesh top RAYNE R1000.00, Mesh long sleeve crop RAYNE R850.00, Cross TOYBOY at Ke Ai R135.50, Shorts STYLIST’S OWN, Socks JET R25.99 per pack


LEFT: Dana wears Socks MR PRICE R19.99, Shoes SISSY BOY at EDGARS 599.95, Shorts JO BORKETT R240.00, T shirt – Ke Ai R250.00, Sports jacket REDBAT at SPORTSCENE R329.00 RIGHT: Cameron wears Spongebob cap LUMO ROOM AT KE AI R110.00, Shirt THE STREET R250.00, Necklace THE STREET R199.00, Pants MODELS OWN, Jacket AUGUSTINE R550.00


Dana wears Faux fur STYLIST’S OWN, Shorts THE STREET R270.00, Shoes AMBER JONES for PROJECT at MR PRICE, Vest CATKINI at THE STREET R120.00; Cameron wears Shirt AUGUSTINE price on request, Shorts LEVI’S at EDGARS R499.95, Shoes CAT at EDGARS R1099.00, Cross STYLIST’S OWN; Sabine wears Vest THE STREET R150.00, Shorts RAYNE R1200.00 ( ),Shoes SISSY BOY at EDGARS R749.95


LEFT: Dana wears Vest Augustine price on request, Shorts JO BORKETT R240.00, Shoes MR PRICE R189.99, Shuffle socks MR PRICE R19.99, Hello Kitty eye mask KE AI R240.00; Sabine wears Hat KE AI, Jacket AUGUSTINE R550.00, Cycling shorts EDGARS R149.95, Shoes CAT at EDGARS R1099.00


Cameron wears Sheer shirt AUGUSTINE, Briefs THE STREET R120.00, SOCKS FEIYUE at THE STREET R499.99, Smurf Pillow EDGARS R74.95

Photography by Steve Marais, Styled by Jess Lupton, Art direction by Colin O’Mara Davis, Hair and Makeup Pieter Serton, Pieter and Jess assisted by by Noreen Kajee

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