How To Achieve the Perfect Messy Hair

Kelli Fuchs gives us the low down on how to get beautiful beach hair. 

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like neat hair. Messy hair is the future  & perfect for some summer glam!!! To be honest no one ever wakes up with that perfect “bed/beach hair”- So here are a few steps to help you look effortlessly gorgeous without trying too hard. The trick simply is this: over styling will get you nowhere.


STEP 1: While your hair is still damp, mist a sea salt spray (I love Lee Stafford Sea Salt Spray – works like a charm) all over your hair, including your roots. Work it through with your fingers until your hair is evenly coated. Sea salt sprays work on any type of hair and will help you to get more body


STEP 2: Lightly blow-dry your hair upside down to help pump up the volume

STEP 3: Curl your hair in sections with a curling tong – leaving the ends out to make it look a little bit moreImage

STEP 4: If you are in a hurry you can shake you curls out using your fingers otherwise if you have a bit more time, put your hair into 2 buns to help it set while you do your make up.

STEP 5: Take your buns out , shake your hair out, upside down and run your fingers through it to create a loose, wavy effect. At this stage you do not use a brush as it will brush out your curls

STEP 6: To finish off you can spray your hair with a sea salt spray again and gently scrunch your curls to enhance the messy, beachy look

You now can style it however you want – in a messy bun, a fun pony – your options are limitless! Apply hair spray to help your look last all day.

Kelli Fuchs:

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