Kelli Fuchs gives us the low down on how to create the perfect ballet bun.




I love a beautiful bun. There’s nothing better than tying your hair up to show off all your features.  The ballerina bun is stylish, timeless & a firm favourite amongst the celebs. It is also one of the easiest styles to create and can be worn high up on top of your head or lower down near the back of your neck like a ballerina. So here’s how do you get to look picture perfect


STEP 1: Brush your hair into a high pony & smooth it out to make sure everything is neat & tidy.



STEP 2: Pull your hair through the center of your pre made mesh bun


STEP 3: Pull your ponytail straight up and bring the mesh bun towards the end (so it sits on your head)


STEP 3: Lightly tease the hair in your pony, which will create more volume and body.


STEP 4: Next, slowly wrap hair around the ponytail to create a bun. Your bun can be as loose or as tight as you want.


STEP 5: Tuck your hair under the mesh bun & secure with hair pins. You can also add any hair accessories to this for a little bit of charm

Quick & Easy – Works like a charm every time!




Tip: The straighter your hair the neater your bun will be, for a messier look you can tong your hair which will create more of a messy top knot bun.

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