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Marco’s Mensdays



Much like TV show characters, bubblegum flavours and the Spice Girls, there is one out there designed to fit you best. If you can excuse the double metaphor, that’s how I feel about fashion. Besides just clever marketing, this happens because we all identify with fashion and entertainment differently. We are naturally narcissistic and gravitate towards that which mirrors us best, or we go in the other direction and choose something that we want to be. So it means that yes, I can be a Carrie and Bear Grylls at the same time. The fashion world works in much the same way, or perhaps it should. You have designers from various parts of the world who grew up entirely different to each other, attended different fashion or art schools taught by different teachers and all of this influences the outcome of their designs. We as consumers, or those who are for now merely emulating their favourite fashion, seek out the elements that best suit our personalities. While I am all for self-expression, it has been my belief over the dawn of the hipster age that some of these folks are trying too hard. Cramming as many slices of fashion pie into a look as you can is not making a statement in its truer sense; it’s just making a really loud noise so people look at you.

The way I see it, your personal style should be like an expensive pair of Italian boots. You immediately want them but your credit card is looking at you like, ‘do you know how much you get paid?’ You get them anyway of course, they’re classic and modern at the same time, made from gen’yin leather and unless you start buying quality items now you’re never going to get the adult wardrobe you’ve always wanted! No, I say personal style because the boots themselves are made to age, to soften, even mold to fit your foot perfectly, plus they go with just about everything you own. Aligning yourself with that metaphor is how I view fashion, and for the most part how I will approach my tenure here at Gaschette. I represent the style-conscious man who is conscious enough to know he needs to stay away from tucking his jeans into his boots. I am the classicist, that reliable stick of spearmint gum in your blazer pocket and your friend in fashion (whoops, wrong website).

I decided to join this fine online establishment for a few reasons, yes these editors are indeed my good friends and it’s always open-bar here, but like all good clubs there is a greater purpose. Gaschette promotes creative partnering, the freedom of expression, safe housing for outcast fashion children looking a place in this world and all without judgment. This is a new era and I have a feeling that these kids are just the guides you need.

In the words of Barney Stintson, gentlemen, it’s time to suit up. You coming?



Marco Riekstins is the man behind the popular menswear website Man of the Cloth and the Gaschette Magazine Menswear Editor.

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2012 in Review

25 of this year’s best by STEVE MARAIS

For some 2012 is winding down, for others it is only starting to spiral out of control. Whichever it may be for you, myself and the rest of the Gaschette team are here to help. We will be in Joburg available for shoots up until the 24th of December this year, so feel free to send your last minute requests our way. For your viewing pleasure I’ve compiled a highlights package of my favourite work from 2012. If I don’t get to see you, happy holidays y’all!


I started off 2012 with this beautiful shoot for VOILA magazine entitled THE LOVER.   says it best on Fashionising.com:

A marriage is sitting on the borderline of love and unfaithfulness; meanwhile another passionate relationship remains unnamed.

She is hesitant to get romantically involved with this stranger, worried that she might be tagged as a disloyal wife, but she knows that her husband doesn’t love her anymore. Her youth and sensuality are dragging her towards this younger man, but her heart is pulling her back to the familiar arms of her husband.

This dilemma has been beautifully captured by Steve Marais for the pages of VOILA! magazine. The dramatic night shots almost seem like they’re stills from a blockbuster movie, more so because this editorial is a direct inspiration from a Chinese art house film titled In The Mood For Love that takes a hindsight into extra-marital affairs. Read more HERE


New Faces of Joburg 2012 was the first of an annual Gaschette feature that aims to showcase the best new modelling talent the city has to offer. See THE TIMES LIVE’s selection on THE FROCK REPORT, or see the full selection HERE.


The shoot features the sensational Abby and Claire @ Boss, two identical 16 year old twins who are set to take the modeling world by storm. See the full shoot HERE


Most of us get naked before getting into the bath… but in Steve Marais‘ shoot Splash Out bath time is all about the clothes, says   for Fashionising.com. See the full shoot on Fashionising.com HERE


Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam, covers the 14th (and sadly final) issue of the free fashion glossy, VOILA. It’s terribly sad that it had to end, but at least it ended on a good note. See the rest of the images by clicking HERE


Tzvi Karp is one of the coolest, not to mention most talented, young designers in South Africa at the moment. His next-level pieces are representative of our generation, combining classic tailoring with off-the-wall shapes and pseudo-sexual ideas of what fashion represents. Tzvi is no stranger to controversy, even creating a stir with his unique hairstyle which brilliantly mirrored his collection. His continued efforts to push creative boundaries are commendable, to the point that he admits that his celebrated range – the one that was shortlisted for AFI’s fastrack programme at 2011 Africa Fashion Week – was born out of the desire to prove his LISOF lecturers wrong. The result was a special mention from a panel of judges who described Tzvi’s work as “innovative”. According to Tzvi, it’s lonely being an innovator, but ultimately worth the fight. I couldn’t agree more! Click HERE to see the rest of the images.


HARD LUCK’s hot-and-bothered make-up looks were designed by hair and makeup genius, Tamaryn Pretorius… And together with conceptual stylist, Jess Lupton of Gaschette, we created magic. Garment’s are from Rayne by Jessica Rayne, accessories from Egality in Parkhurst, and our frowning lovelies are all from Boss Models. Click HERE to see the rest of the images.


 had the following to say on Fashionising.com: The fields of the arts collide in Bride of Zion: visual arts melding with music and fashion to yield both a photo shoot and a film clip. The campaign started as a showcase for the fall 2012 collection of brand Rayne, but evolved into a music clip for The Frown’s song Dark Art – with the band’s lead singer Eve Rakow as the star. Continue reading…


The Combatante was originally shot for VOILA! Magazine, but after they closed down it was ultimately featured in A FAHION FRIEND issue 20. The idea for the shoot was developed around the theme “fashion will save the world” and features South African design exclusively . Designers include Suzaan Heyns,Clive Rundle, Black Coffee, Missibaba, Joel Janse van Vuuren, Rayne, Tzvi Karp and Avant Apparel. We shot at United Container Depot in Johannesburg – who kindly allowed us access to their container yard – and the arresting backgrounds create an “import/export” argument which contrasts the local sustainability theme of the shoot. See more HERE

10. BRR

Featured by HOMOTOGRAPHY and FUCKING YOUNG, and by others all over the world,  Brr Rogers – In-Situ – marks my first collaboration with menswear style guru Marco Riekstins, known best for his groundbreaking men’s fashion blog, Man of the cloth. Brr is Joburg’s original cool kid, with a beard so famous it deserves it’s own Facebook fan page. Brr is also an avid photographer and writer, documenting  people and places in Johannesburg – the city that he loves. Check out the rest of this shoot with BRR on HOMOTOGRAPHY and FUCKING YOUNG.


Who can forget the day it snowed for the first time in nearly 30 yeras in Johannesburg? In sight of this strange weather phenomenon, we threw together this little “a-la-Dazed” shoot, featuring RhaRha for Rayne. The snow was AWESOME, so we made the most of it!

12. FORM

FORM, as seen on FUCKING YOUNG, stars Reynier Shields from Boss Models wearing one of this season’s most anticipated pieces in South African menswear, the Stiaan Louw jock. Reynier also wears other pieces from the Stiaan Louw Atletiek collection. See more HERE


The 2012 London Olympics motivated this street-style spread, with looks inspired by the likes of Yolandi Visser for A FASHION FRIEND. See the rest HERE


Click on the images to see each of the full editorials.


Click HERE for more images from GRAZIA SOUTH AFRICA


Yannick Ilunga and Eve Rakow for Nokia Lumia 900 Smartphones

Daniel P. Dykes of Fashionising.com raises questions around Nokia’s attempts to be fashionable again: Nokia came to mean a lot to an entire generation because it was fashionable. As they became a regular element of our school bags, a mobile phone was the accessory and none was more fashionable than one bearing a Nokia. And it couldn’t be any Nokia of course, it had to be the latest. Thus schoolyard talk was littered with aspirational put downs of the month old Nokia 6800 as the Nokia 6900 had replaced it. Those were the days. Phones were were just phones, smart phones were rubbish, there was nothing to do on the Internet let alone any way to use it on your phone, no one cared about Apple and every young life of vanity cared about Nokia. As a twenty-something it’s far too early to reminisce about those days, and yet Nokia is. Like a middle-aged man deciding between a Ferrari 599 or an Aston Martin Vantage, Nokia is trying to get its groove back. It’s trying to become fashionable again. Continue reading…


In September 2012 I joined one of the hottest creative management agencies in South Africa, SUPERNOVA. Click HERE to view my online portfolio, and for bookings contact Pharro on +27 21 461 3549

19. GERI

Beauty shots of my friend Geraldine Steenkamp @ ICE models. See More images of GERI on Fashionising.com


Geraldine again, this time showing off Summer 2012′s hottest swimwear offerings. Robyn Cooke from Styleguide Cape Town had the following to say: “This one is all about summer.
And what do we wear in summer? Why, swimwear of course! And this is swimwear that is infinitely wearable and awesome. That opening shot with the tribal print bikini – that’s a good bikini”. See the rest of the images HERE


The plan was to cause a stir… And it worked! Jason Alexander Basson from Eye OF Needle had the following to say: “Here at E.O.N, we like a bit of public nudity, especially when it comes in the form of a stellar collaboration with some of S.A’s most exciting designers and photographers. Plastic garments, accessories and visors are a huge trend this season, as covered extensively by publications like Russian Vogue. Stiaan’s execution of these garments is perfectly timed and places him, once again, in an elite handful of designers at the forefront of progressive menswear in South Africa. Steve Marais has an exceptional and respectful eye for the male form, giving us a tasteful appreciation of both model, Kyle Rossouw’s physique and Stiaan’s exceptional creativity. Thanks E.O.N!! Follow the link to see the NSFW version of PLASTIEK, or click HERE. And also check out the Plastiek film below…


This portrait series, entitled “Howzit, my ange?” features all-rounder cool kid (dancer/model/actress) Manthe Ribane, wearing a selection of pieces by the queen on re-purposed fashion, Jessica Rayne. See more HERE

23. NEON!

Pair the funk and fun of flouro colours with the subtle sophistication of pastel for a perfectly balanced outfit. See more HERE



Gaschette hit the streets of Johannesburg with Augustine to shoot their spring/summer 2013 collection. We had loads of fun dodging security guards all over town and campaign model Ash’s incredible performance speaks for itself! See more on Filep Montwary’s UnNouveauIdeal


Calista Clarke shows off this December’s hottest resort wear options. Coming soon…

And that’s a wrap for 2012…

Thank you to everyone for your ardent support, your comments, likes, shares and clicks. Thanks to clients for your time, effort and inspiring ideas. Thanks to the designers for making beautiful things for us to shoot and for making them available to us. And thank you to the talented creatives, art directors, stylists, editors, hairstylists, makeup artists, assistants and interns.

Have fun and drive safe!


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