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Eternal Youth

Fashion is kinda about fun, right? Well, we think so anyway. This month we’re throwing off our Anna Wintour façade in favour of something silly. Let’s get goofy.

Jelly Shoes

Yeah, your feet get a little shvitzy up in there but what the hell! They’re squishy, sparkly and trendy – for the next five minutes that is. These throwback gems even sparked up a Twitter war between Rita Ora http://www.ritaora.com/uk) and Azealia Banks (http://www.azealiabanks.com/) fans over who wore them first.  God knows we love a little fashion controversy.


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Nothing takes you back to pre-Y2K times like trippy hologrammed fabrics.  We want them on shoes, skirts and tops, immediately! And then some on nails and bags and jackets. In fact, just hologram your whole closet.  This trend is even making its way into art (http://www.archieli.com/architecture/holographic-cube-building-by-hiro-yamagata/) and architecture (http://architectonista.wordpress.com/category/design/page/2/) which suggests a certain longevity.


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From flatforms to athletic runners, sneakers are the latest must-have shoe. If you’re feeling a little cray you could even get away with a sneaker wedge – but probably not because they are muchos gross #justsaying #hatersgonnahate


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The Peplum

Just kidding. Don’t ever wear a peplum because if you do, you can’t sit with us. Want to look slimmer? Wear a waisted belt instead – like Hermes did for almost absolutely every look for Spring 2014. You can also wear absolutely anything from Hermes Spring 2014 because it is simply perfect.

Hermes-Womenswear-Spring-Summer-2014-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-Glamour-Boys-Inc 001

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Denim Pinafores

Sure, we’ll look back on this trend with a disdain reserved for truly heinous fads but for now rock it with a cropped Tee and plenty of bling.


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Cropped Tees

On that note, let’s chuck this one into the mix. If you wear it the wrong way your kids will be judging you for looking slutty in your youth. Team it with a printed maxi or shimmering pencil skirt for a more lady-like look.


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Things are about to get fruity up in here. Welcome to the future when your face also needs a swimming cap. The ‘face-kini’ is everything-that-is-hot-right-now in China. Swimmers are donning swimming masks that offer them full UV protection. In a world where cancer-risk levels are scary, the face-kini might be here for keeps.


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Jess Lupton is a freelance stylist and Gaschette Magazine’s Fashion Director.

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